I Am Brave and Unafraid

Welcome! A children's book!

Welcome! A children's book!

Welcome! A children's book!Welcome! A children's book!

IABaU Experience

Invite Arielle to your classroom for a memorable I Am Brave and Unafraid Experience and help your students create a new, braver self. Unlock your students inner courage! WARNING: Children will complete the Experience armed with tools of bravery and long lasting smiles. You may even notice some children developing a stronger sense of confidence during the experience :-)  

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What People Are Saying!

Lindsey Lurie, Teacher, Drexel School

Arielle’s presentation was so engaging. She asked students realistic questions based on their own experiences which in turn drew them in. After her presentation ended, students continued sharing  they did to be brave in different circumstances!

Jennifer Strait, Writer

Arielle is the best high-energy public speaker hands down! She lights up the room with her big personality and bright smile. Her capacity to warm the hearts of others is infectious. Children respond to her enthusiastically. And it is because of this trust, Arielle is able to effect transformation in children to go from disempowered to Brave and Unafraid! 

Anonymous Mama

As a mother, the lessons of empowerment are EXACTLY what I strive to teach my 2 children every day. Arielle did this so enthusiastically and masterfully. I was totally impressed with how she captivated the whole room. We didn’t want the experience to end and would have gladly wanted it to be twice as long. I believe a better future generation of leaders starts with these important practices Arielle is spreading today!


***You may add a classroom Experience for $360. 5 classroom Max / Day.