What could you do for your school or non-profit

Boom Boom Shake the Room Say What?

That's Right!  Throw an I Am Brave and Unafraid Fundraiser and use the $$$ to welcome a cool author (I'd be so honored!), or towards anything your school needs or wants!!! 

The Skinny

"I Am Brave and Unafraid" Fundraiser

Could your school use an extra $1800+ to bring in a special guest,  expand a current program, or simply to buy something needed for your classroom? 

Would you like to infuse your students with skills and knowledge to help them overcome fears and build their confidence, all while having fun? 

If you answered YES, an I Am Brave and Unafraid Fundraiser is perfect for you!  


  • You and your school!  


  • Raise $$$ for your school, by engaging your students in a confidence building skill, sales!
  • You and your students invite others to buy the book, I Am Brave and Unafraid
  • $9+ of each book sale goes directly to the school!
  • $1 of each book sale is paid forward and donated by the school to Holiday Heroes, The I Am Brave and Unafraid Book Project. 

We'll do the math for you!

  • 200 book purchases = $1800 to your school + donation of $200!
  • 400 book purchases = $3600 to your school + donation of $400!
  • 1000 book purchases = $9000 to your school + donation of $200!

And we bet your school could do a lot of cool stuff if they had an extra $1800 or $9000 or more! 


  • Fill out the contact us form or email us directly:
  • Tell us about your school: # of students, # of classrooms, and a contact number for school representative who will lead the fundraiser (typically head or member of PTO/PO). 
  • Tell us why you wish to do this fundraiser, what are your financial goals? What do you seek to bring to your school? Having a specific goal in mind before beginning the fundraiser creates a more successful fundraiser. 
  • Arielle will make contact and get you started! 

Tips On How To Make Your Fundraiser the Best It Can Be!

1. Include your whole school in the planning and execution stages of your fundraiser creation!

2. Choose what you want your school to have that it doesn't already have.  

  • Is it to bring in a cool author? (It would be my pleasure!!!!)
  • Is it to build a new playground?
  • Is it to provide the newest and coolest art supplies or create an art program?
  • Is it to take really neat excursion as a school?
  • Is it to get new musical instruments for the music room - or maybe to set up a musical program?

2. Figure out the cost of what the school decided upon and decide on a number to be your fundraising goal. 

3. Decide on the number of days your fundraiser will be help. Kickstarter research revealed that 30-60 days usually work the best. 36 days was my go to number for my Kickstarter and it was perfect!

3. Engage a few school leaders to create a wall thermometer with the fundraising goal on top and intermittent goals to hit. Have those leaders fill in the thermometer weekly as the goal gets closer and closer to being reached. Make weekly announcements so the school gets excited! 

4. Tap into the connections of your families  - who knows maybe they own a business or work for a business that would like to take the fundraiser to a new level and match all your donations!

5. Get creative! Your own creativity on what will work best for your school and community are nearly always the greatest ideas!