I Am Brave and Unafraid



The "I Am Brave and Unafraid" Book Project!

We are focused on a pay it forward method of giving away 11,000,000 books by 2028! Can you help?

The "I Am Brave and Unafraid" Book Project!



On June 29th, 2019, The I Am Brave and Unafraid Book Project launched with a goal to raise $100,000 and print over 2500 books!

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What Is It?


The I Am Brave and Unafraid Book Project is a way to create a new generation of brave and confident children while simultaneously promoting literacy and help non-profit organizations push their missions forward. 

Our NPO Partner


I Am Brave and Unafraid has partnered with non-profit organization (NPO) The Holiday Heroes to reach a mutual long-term goal of giving away 1,500,000 books to the hospitalized children Holiday Heroes serves as well as to children nationwide. 

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Why Is The Project So Important?


The world is understandably full of fears. Although fear can motivate us, some fears can paralyze us.  

It is our deep hope that regularly readings of the book I Am Brave and Unafraid will help you and/or your kids to confront, cope with, and even overcome your fears and learn to use them as an opportunity to build confidence.  

The "I Am Brave and Unafraid" Book Project provides an opportunity to reach thousands of families through a pay-it-forward approach.

Why Become A Sponsor?


Supporting The I Am Brave and Unafraid Book Project promotes literacy, and creates brave, smiling children.

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What My Readers Are Saying


"I Am Brave and Unafraid was a game changer in our home. Not only was it such a fun book to read with a very catchy tune, but it really helped my son overcome his fear of putting his head in the water while swimming. We read the book in the three nights leading up to swim class and talked about how brave he was for trying. He now loves swimming and can't wait for class each week. Thank you for teaching him how to face his fears head on. Love this book and highly recommend!" ~Maytal Ryan Shamir