Meet Arielle


Let Me Hear You! "I Am Brave and Unafraid. I Am Brave and Unafraid! I Am Brave and Unafraid!!!"

Arielle Turover Cohen has a passion for helping others embrace an I CAN attitude. She believes that her book, “I Am Brave and Unafraid” will inspire your child to build courage to overcome challenges.   

"Make an impact in this world by inspiring one person at a time." 

She encourages readers to take ahold of their fears and use their POWER OF THOUGHT to be BRAVE and UNAFRAID thereby increasing their SELF-CONFIDENCE.      

Arielle holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Wisconsin at Madison and a double Masters Degree from Gratz College. In addition to writing Arielle spends her time with her family, practices real estate, and hangs out in various yoga poses.  She lives with her husband and three children in Suburban Chicago.


Latest Thrill?

Going on live TV at Lurie Children's Hospital with Dot Kane for her show, "Storytime with Dot!" 


Biggest Passion?

Making others smile and instilling confidence!